Sunfed Meats: Chickpea “Chicken” that tastes like Chicken
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Sunfed Meats: Chickpea “Chicken” that tastes like Chicken

Founded 2015, Startup, Food & Beverage, Green & Sustainability

Sunfed Meats: Chickpea “Chicken” that tastes like Chicken

 Founder & CEO: Shama Sukul Lee

GS_LocationLogo_darkgreyNew Zealand

Plant-based protein that tastes, feels and smell like the real thing? Sunfed meats may have just cracked the recipe to make carnivores enjoy both the meats they love and feel healthier.

A big bonus, Sunfed Meats is creating the same proteins while consuming 5 times less land and water — enabling New Zealand to double is agricultural production by 2025!

Shama says that there are going to be nine billion people on the planet by 2050, and meat consumption is set to increase at 6 per cent a year. As more people in developing countries move into the middle class, demand for meat is only going up. Meat production is highly resource inefficient with the majority of the feed grown redirected to livestock, as opposed to humans and is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse emissions. Meat has also been branded unhealthy with the health conscious increasingly opting for a plant based-diet. As the scandals and inhumane conditions of slaughterhouses come to light, more often people want to support cruelty-free meat.

Why we love Sunfed Meats: The mandate for plant-based meat is clear. The only stumbling block has been that substitute meats don’t taste like the real thing. Sunfed is clearly focussed on that goal as they launch their first pea-based “chicken” that feels like chicken and cooks like it.


Globally Spotted by: Priti Ambani