Somadome – Taking meditation to the next level
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Somadome – Taking meditation to the next level


Somadome – Taking meditation to the next level

Founder: Sarah Attia

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Somadome is an alien-like spa getaway which allows people to escape from life’s daily stresses for 20-30 minutes at a time. An illuminated dome lowers over a reclining chair and the journey of relaxation begins.

Its a personal meditation pod that integrates binaural beats synched with LED colour therapy and allows you to seamlessly drift away. The Somadome is a proven way to calm your senses, clear the mind and ground yourself –to better able to connect with others and nature.

Founder Sarah Attia, became fascinated with the power of the mind through her studies and travels. She studied yoga, energy medicine and meditation, and refined her vision for this ‘space’ she had envisioned in 1996. Sarah’s unwavering belief in this place of refuge for the individual, in the context of today’s complicated world, propelled her in 2011 to leave her practice of law, and instead begin actively collaborating with healers, designers, technology developers and more to create what is today known as the Somadome — a Sanctuary for the Self.