Plate Culture: Social Dining at local foodies’ Venues
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Plate Culture: Social Dining at local foodies’ Venues

Plate Culture: Social Dining at local foodies’ Venues

Founder & CEO: Reda Stare


If you are a foodie, passionate about cooking or enjoy meeting new people in a comfortable environment then meet Plate Cuture, an online platform that allows you to locate talented chefs who will cook delicious authentic meals for you at their home.

All you do is visit the online platform, browse the available chefs (including the menus they offer) and ask for a seat at their table. Then after payment is recieved you will be given the chefs address and off you go to meet other like minded foodies and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal. Each dinner is a unique experience where people can share food, discover new cultures and build friendships from all over the world.

Why we love Plate Culture: Plate Culture gives a whole new meaning to a staycation, trying out different world cuisines right in your hometown. It’s also a great idea to explore when you are on vacation, to flavour authentic local culture!


Globally Spotted by: James O’Donnell