Pandia Health – Never run out of birth control
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Pandia Health – Never run out of birth control


Pandia Health – Never run out of birth control

Co-Founder & CEO: Sophia Yen

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Pandia Health is the only women-founded company practicing reproductive health medicine in the birth control delivery industry. At Pandia Health, they are building the Brand, Women Trust With Their Health and educating women about birth control and #PeriodsOptional. Pandia’s goal is to make sure that women never run out of birth control.

Pandia Health was started because CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Sophia Yen, realised that one of the top three reasons women don’t take their birth control is because they don’t have it in their hand. Dr. Yen founded Pandia Health to solve that problem by providing an online prescription service from a licensed physician and delivering the medication directly to your door – all from the comfort and privacy of your own computer. No hassle, no long doctor visits, no lines at the pharmacy. This is the simplest way to get birth control. For more information on the product and the service provided hit the link below to view their website.