No Isolation
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No Isolation

No Isolation

Co-Founder and CEO: Karen Dolva


With a goal of making the lives of children and young people in difficult situations a little easier. No Isolation will provide children that are not capable of attending school and other events in person the opportunity to participate in their own lives, with friends, family and school, on their own terms.

With 4G integration and good battery life, the No Isolation avatar is flexible and ready for most situations. It is easy to carry, so it’s easy to include it in the schoolyard, classroom. Losing contact with the outside world is not only difficult, it’s dangerous. Feel confident that your child stays in touch with what is happening and keeps close to  their friends.

The avatar is a computer with motors, a camera, microphone and speaker. It transmits video stream from the classroom to the child’s mobile or tablet. The child controls when the robot is on. Through the app your child can see the classroom, hear everything, speak in a normal voice and decide which way the robot sees. Set to come up in August 2016, just in time for school, join the waiting list now for your chance to help reconnect.

Why we love No Isolation: We stand against loneliness of any kind. Robotics and technology from No Isolation provide a new lease of life to kids unable to participate in schooling and activities due to long term illnesses.