Neopenda: Preventing infant mortality with the aid of wearable sensors
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Neopenda: Preventing infant mortality with the aid of wearable sensors

Neopenda: Preventing infant mortality with the aid of wearable sensors

Co-founders: Sona ShahTeresa Cauvel


Nearly 3 million babies die in their first month of life every year and 98% of these deaths occur in the developing world. Primary causes of these deaths? Asphyxia, infections, and pre-term complications— yet 80% of these are preventable given timely treatment.

Enter Neopenda a US based health tech startup founded in 2015. The company’s is on a mission to reduce the alarming epidemic that is newborn mortality globally. They’ve pioneered a simple, low-cost, low-power wearable sensor device which integrates into a baby hat and delivers continuous monitoring of a newborns’ key vital signs. The sensors are designed for fately-ill newborns in need of critical care who are hospitalised in poverty-stricken countries. The device uses a simple sensor array to measure heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, and temperature. Through smart design thinking, Neopenda’s addresses some of the issues that often inhibit developing countries from adopting current technology – like high cost and the reliance on continuous power supply. Its smart wearable sensors  are powered by rechargeable batteries and wirelessly transmit data to a central monitor which alerts attending healthcare professionals when a newborn is in immediate danger.

Neopenda is currently advancing their prototypes and integrating user feedback from a recent visit to Uganda.

Why we love Neopenda: The company’s use of engineering to deliver low-resource, simple, neonatal healthcare solutions for where they are needed the most is yet great example of how Technology can be engineered for good.


Globally Spotted by: Priti Ambani

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