Lawbotics – Instantly create legal documents
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Lawbotics – Instantly create legal documents


Lawbotics – Instantly create legal documents

Founder & CEO, Merete Nygaard

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Lawbotics is the company behind Lexolve, a B2B software as a service tool, it allows businesses or law-firms to automate their own legal documents using the software. Lawbotics makes it easy for businesses to increase the quality of their legal documents while saving a significant amount of time and resources.

The tool is created in close collaboration with dedicated and knowledgeable customers within the enterprise segment such as law firms and in-house legal departments.

Lawbotics has already gotten recognition as one of the most innovative companies in Norway by the magazine Innomag, and was nominated as ‘Best Bootstrapped Startup” in the Norwegian finale in Nordic Startup Awards.

The company was founded by Merete Nygaard, a Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur – with her heart in innovation & tech and specifically. After nearly a decade working in the established world of top tier law firms, having tech firms, brand-owners and entrepreneurs as her clients, she decided to jump off the beaten track and join the entrepreneurial world by starting her own legal tech company – Lawbotics.

Merete‚Äôs dream is to disrupt her own conservative field of business. By using technology we can make legal knowledge, processes and services more accessible and affordable for all. As part of her mission she started Oslo Legal Tech Meetup in August 2016, to create a community of people interested in the intersection of law and technology. Today, more than a thousand members are part of this community, attending regular meetups covering topics such as ‘how to innovate in a conservative field of business’ and ‘what are the application areas for AI in the legal sector’.