Kid & Coe: Kid Friendly Family Vacation Destinations
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Kid & Coe: Kid Friendly Family Vacation Destinations

Kid & Coe: Kid Friendly Family Vacation Destinations

Founder: Zoie Kingsbery Coe


Experiencing new cultures and countries is something that often becomes difficult once you start a family, trying to organise child friendly accommodation can be a hard thing to accomplish. The team at Kid & Coe understand what makes family travel irresistible yet tricky. They are part of the social networks, play groups and industry organizations that affirm the need for their one-of-a-kind kid-friendly accommodation and resources. And they constantly strive to provide a service that exceeds every family’s needs.

Founder Zoie Kingsbery Coe created Kid & Coe out of personal necessity. For years she had been traveling the world managing her husband’s music career, kids in tow, and saw that the hotel accommodations that suited a touring couple no longer fit the needs of her growing family. Zoie began seeking out kid-friendly property rentals that made her family feel at home wherever they were in the world. As increasing numbers of parents asked Zoie to share her travel expertise and property secrets, Kid & Coe was born.

Why we love Kid & Coe: Kid & Coe don’t believe travel and exploration should stop when you have children or that you should have to compromise style over function. Their mission is to simplify family travel by selecting the best holiday accommodation around the world.


Globally Spotted by: Babou Olengha-Aaby