iLost: The Google for Lost & Found Items
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iLost: The Google for Lost & Found Items

Founded 2014, Startup, Tech

iLost: The Google for Lost & Found Items

Founder: Hanneke Stegweg


Setup after Hanneke had her own bad experience of losing (and not finding) her camera and all her photo memories, iLost was created, based on the ideology that some things are simply irreplaceable.

Whether you lose your wallet at the restaurant, your phone at a conference or any other number of personal items, chances are they are going to be found by an organisation rather than an individual (actually there is an 80% chance of this), and what do these organisations do when they find your lost property? More often than not it will end up in a ‘lost & found’ box and be forgotten about. That was before the iLost team became dedicated to revolutionising the entire lost & found process. Digitising and connecting these ‘cardboard boxes’ on behalf of organisations and reuniting rightful owners with their cherished possessions – quickly and easily.

From airports to theatres the list of organisations seeing value in iLost and collaborating with them is growing by the day.

And last but not least, iLost ships found items back to their rightful owners anywhere in the world. 

Why we love iLost: So far, seven thousand items have found their way back bringing smiles, relief and peace of mind to owners in twenty-three countries.


Globally Spotted by: James O’Donnell