FNDR – Making retail local again
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FNDR – Making retail local again


FNDR – Making retail local again

Founder & CEO: Ina Von Turow

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FNDR is an app and platform aims to make retail more local again, simply by offering a more convenient way of doing things.

FNDR makes it easier for people to shop locally. There is no hocus pocus. They just make people aware of all the treasures that are right under their noses. They make it easy for stores to make local customers aware of what they have to offer. and do this in an efficient, transparent and cheap way, without downsides. Local stores, which do not have the same marketing resources as large chains and shopping malls, now have a tool that makes it easy for them to reach out to customers who want to know about them.

The FNDR team believes that most people actually want vibrant city centres full of commercial diversity from actors large and small, and not commercially desolate towns with increasingly lonely citizens shopping ever more from their homes. 

Website: http://fndr.no/