Evrnu – Creating new fabrics from old clothing
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Evrnu – Creating new fabrics from old clothing


Evrnu – Creating new fabrics from old clothing

CEO: Stacy Flynn

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The Evrnu story is about more than fiber and is certainly set to be a game changer.

CEO, Stacy Flynn’s time in China really inspired her to make a positive change, not only in the garment industry but to kick-start the fight against pollution caused by waste clothing.

Did you know in the US, every year there is a shocking 14 million tonnes of garment waste? And that it takes roughly 700 gallons of fresh, clean water to produce one cotton shirt!

The way Evrnu aims to beat this problem into a pulp:

They take cotton garment waste, purify it and convert it into a ‘pulp’. They then extrude this pulp into a pristine new fiber that is finer than silk and stronger than cotton, made entirely from garment waste.

This science savvy innovation can take your old jeans, break them down to the molecular level and build them back up into a beautiful new sweater. Better yet, when you are done with the sweater you can repeat process and get those blue jeans back the way they were.

Website: https://www.evrnu.com