Epleslang: Apple juice made with apples from your neighbours garden.
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Epleslang: Apple juice made with apples from your neighbours garden.

Founded 2012, SME, Food & Beverage, Social Enterprises (For Profit)

Epleslang: Apple juice made with apples from your neighbours garden.

Co-Founder & Leader: Anne Dubrau


Epleslang is a social enterprise founded in Oslo, Norway. They produce and sell a premium quality, natural apple juice made from unused and wasted apples, harvested from private gardens around the city with the help of those most in need of a job. So when you drink Epleslang you might be enjoying the ‘fruit’ of your neighbor’s garden. Wondering what the word Epleslang means? It’s a unique Norwegian word to describe the art of nabbing apples from your neighbour’s garden!

Each year tonnes of apples from private gardens in Oslo (and other cities around the world) go uneaten, only to fall to the ground and left to rot during Autumn. To see these apples go to waste year after year felt so wrong! But the team behind Epleslang decided to do something with the amazing and infinite potential that these wasted apples represent both as a natural yet unused resource. And the idea of Epleslang was born.

But Epleslang isn’t just about using apples, it is also a story about people – people with disabilities. Those often left aside by society and unable to find a job because they are perceived to be undervalued as a resource. Epleslang saw them as another unused resource. So they teamed up with a local group and set out to train and provide them with a good livelihood. They are now responsible for the harvesting of all the gardens and the bottle labelling. Yup! Epleslang Apple juice is truly good conscience in a bottle.

Why we love Epleslang: The taste of each bottle of Epleslang juice is as unique as the apple tree it originates from, always delicious; but the sweetness and acidity of each bottle varies. And that it provides meaningful employment to the underserved has us swooning!

Website: www.epleslang.com

Globally Spotted by: Babou Olengha-Aaby

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