Eco & More: Better for you and the Environment
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Eco & More: Better for you and the Environment

Eco & More: Better for you and the Environment

Founder: Jeni Saeyang


Eco & More was born out of necessity for Jeni, the founder who originally was from China but had lived abroad in New York and Sydney for more than 30 years. Jeni and her young family had grown accustomed to only using chemical free home care and personal care products in Australia, but upon returning to Shanghai she found that they were virtually impossible to find. As a result of being alarmed at the number of harmful chemicals found in the everyday household products available she decided to start Eco & More.

Dedicated to using the finest plant based ingredients in their home, baby and personal care ranges. Eco & More delivers you beauty products that won’t expose you to toxic chemicals that are often found in other skin products and can be absorbed through your skin. They do this by replacing harmful ingredients with safer and often more costly environmentally safe ingredients. Through careful selection, Eco & More creations promise unrivaled performance that is swathed in the most delightful of aromas.

With their main focus on quality they still keep their product at an affordable price, taking the brunt of their expensive ingredients so that their customers don’t have to.

Why we love Eco-More: Their products are not tested on animals and are earth friendly. They offer a range of hypoallergenic products that are  low-chemical, fragrance free formulas, perfect for young children and those with sensitive allergies.


Globally Spotted by: James O’Donnell