CrescendoSPeak: Lets Your Voice Rise Above the Noise
Globally Spotted is a discovery and social amplification platform for female-led enterprises on a mission to championing more visibility for innovative, smart as well as purpose-driven women-led and founded companies worldwide.
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CrescendoSPeak: Lets Your Voice Rise Above the Noise

CrescendoSPeak: Lets Your Voice Rise Above the Noise

Co-Founder & CEO: Swati Paliwal


Billions of pieces of content are shared across social networks everyday. How can these social amplifications and peer-to-peer recommendations work for your cause or business?

CrescendoSPeak is an influencer-marketing platform, which offers your social media campaign, a viral push – leveraging the social net-worth of your networks. Social media platforms make it easy to say something but with the sheer volume of content, it can be difficult to be heard. CrescendoSPeak is India’s 1st platform that allows you to share your message and be heard by scores of people at the same time.

Through CresendoSPeak, you can build a crescendo for your campaign by connecting users on social media and on the pre-decided “Peak day,” all your supporters share your message with their friends and followers at the same time. Leverage not only your connections but an extended network of supporters and turn them into influencers for your brand and message.

Why we love CrescendoSPeak: CrescendoSPeak can leverage the voices of a Billion+ people, increasingly online, and aware of social media and their influence. Imagine the possibilities!


Globally Spotted by: Deepak Goel