ClearKarma: Find Out What’s In Your Food
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ClearKarma: Find Out What’s In Your Food

Founded 2010, SME, Food & Beverage

ClearKarma: Find Out What’s In Your Food

Founder & CEO: Sylvie Chin


ClearKarma paves the way for end-to-end traceability for ingredients in the food industry. Why is this a game changer? There is growing demand for information about what is in our food as people are becoming increasingly aware that food is the main cause of both sickness and cure. If you are a food producer, a distributor, or sell directly to consumers via a restaurant, canteen or bakery, the ClearKarma food data platform links you to everyone else in the food industry, all the way down to the consumer.

Your data management just got a lot easier, yet more powerful and interconnected with end-to-end traceability, compliance with regulations and access to data trends.

ClearKarma links producers, distributors and service providers all together, enabling consumers to check food for allergens, and detect other ingredients not suitable for your body. Find this out in a matter of seconds, on your phone/tablet, as ClearKarma tracks allergens and food info from the producer’s gate to your plate.
Don’t know what allergens are present in the meal you want to order? Are you vegan, paleo, or choose to follow a custom diet? ClearKarma can tell you what foods on the menu are compatible with you. 

Why we love ClearKarma: Beyond the health perspective, the app also promotes transparency to fair and ethical food production practices enabling people to support causes and business they believe in while boycotting products that oppose their values.


Globally Spotted by: James O’Donnell