Cheeks Up: Gamifying Speech Therapy & Facial Rehabilitation For Children
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Cheeks Up: Gamifying Speech Therapy & Facial Rehabilitation For Children

Cheeks Up: Gamifying Speech Therapy & Facial Rehabilitation For Children

Co-founder & CEO: Ilze Zaharan


Cheeks Up is an interactive facial therapy game to support children with speech and facial disabilities. Any therapy process is a long-term commitment for everybody who is involved with an intensive regimen of repetitive tasks and elements. In these cases keeping attention, motivation and interest up to reach the goal becomes the biggest challenge – especially with children. For early intervention therapy, a lot of creativity is required to incentivize a kid to perform the same task repeatedly that ultimately leads to better treatment outcomes for children.

Cheeks Up has a hi-tech solution that will ultimately make it cheaper for parents to support speech and facial therapy for their kids. Cheeks Up boasts of features like 3D recognition, and motion tracking in real time for immediate feedback and gamification that include elements and incentives for an exciting user experience. The system keeps users engaged and motivated with gamification elements and measurable results while the web platform helps caregivers keep track of all their patients, their performances through a dashboard that provides visual results.

Why we love Cheeks Up: Cheeks Up is helping kids (and parents) stick to intensive and boring therapy routines with gamification and feedback making the treatment more effective and relevant.


Globally Spotted by: James O’Donnell