Blushington: Professional Make-up and Lessons, an Appointment Away
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Blushington: Professional Make-up and Lessons, an Appointment Away

Blushington: Professional Make-up and Lessons, an Appointment Away

Founder & CEO: Stephi Maron


Imagine this. You are in LA, the global capital of fame and glamour and there isn’t a great place to get your makeup done. Founder/CEO Stephi Maron saw a huge opportunity and decided to launch Blushington. It’s a salon-type business that was affordable, convenient and offered natural looking makeup service applied by super talented makeup artists. No more awkward sitting down in the middle of a busy mall to get your makeup done while passersby looked on.

Blushington has expanded beauty services offered and its location to five cities in California, Texas and New York and as an added bonus, Blushington’s expert makeup artists are available to come to your home, office, hotel or anywhere you may need a professional makeup service seven days a week. Having a hard time knowing a smudge stick from a contour blender? Blushington has a solution for that pain point. They offer individual or group classes so you can learn expert tips, try new products and take control of your beauty routine! 

Why we love Blushington: Pssst! – A group class can turn into a fun ladies night out, all while trying on new makeup.


Globally Spotted by: Priti Ambani