Bloomerent: Share flowers. Keep them longer. Save money
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Bloomerent: Share flowers. Keep them longer. Save money

Bloomerent: Share flowers. Keep them longer. Save money

Founders: Danit Zamir


Flowers last anywhere from 3-14 days but are often discarded after just a few hours. Floral arrangements are expensive and many events around your town are ordering flowers at any given time. The founder at Bloomerent immediately saw a problem when she was planning her own weddings. And the opportunity. How about if your event shares the flowers it orders, reduce floral waste, give your blooms the longer life they deserve annnnd save money!?

Bloomerent is a flower-sharing platform for event hosts. They connect customers with florists in their area, allowing them to save money by sharing flowers with another event in close proximity. Event A orders floral arrangements with a curated florist on the Bloomerent platform. The florist lists the specific designs on the platform for the community to view and select. Event B wants to opt into Event A’s flowers and off they go! The florist does all delivery and pickup and everyone’s a winner! The florists clean up and touch up on the bouquets so that they are as good as new for the sequential events. This even includes replacing wilted, broken or missing flowers.

What we love about Bloomerent: Bloomerent is not reinventing the wheel but improving upon it. By creating a platform to connect customers with florists and other customers in order  to share flowers, they are tying it all together to make event planning easier, cost effective and much more efficient!