Beryl: Technology & Products That Makes Cities Safer for Cyclists
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Beryl: Technology & Products That Makes Cities Safer for Cyclists

Beryl: Technology & Products That Makes Cities Safer for Cyclists

Founder & CEO: Emily Brooke


Citizens hesitant to commute on their bicycles are often concerned with safety. Beryl loves cities and they love bicycles. And they want cities to love their cyclists. So they’re building products that help commuters stay safer so that more people can continue to enjoy their life in the bike lane. The Laserlight™ from Beryl is a powerful LED light, combined with a green laser that projects a symbol of a bike onto the road ahead, making cyclists far more visible.

Assembled from 109 components with precision manufacturing and features you’d expect from a smartphone – The Laserlight™ is also USB rechargeable, waterproof and fits most handlebars. Drivers can see the green laser projected and check if there is a rider in their blind spot. The Laserlight™ is safe for eye contact and only operates unless attached to a bracket.

Why we love Beryl: Beryl’s innovative Laserlight™ helps prevent cyclist accidents on the road due to poor visibility – what is there not to love!