Auto n Cab: Rickshaw Hailing App for Urban India
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Auto n Cab: Rickshaw Hailing App for Urban India

Auto n Cab: Rickshaw Hailing App for Urban India

Founder: Vinti Doshi


The Uber of rickshaws, Auto n Cab is taking the hassle of getting around the busy suburban areas of India experienced by millions of people everyday, and turning it into an opportunity. By offering a budget alternative to hiring a taxi, Auto n Cab arms its customers with an easy to order, door to door rickshaw service that is both a time and money saver.

Their drivers are proficient, reliable & trained by experts. A requirement of the company is that all  drivers undergo stringent quality checks and police verification.

Why Rickshaws as oppose to cars?

Rickshaws are ideal for suburban settings because they can transport a relatively large number of passengers while taking up a small portion of the road.

This new concept of travelling is an initiative to make your daily travel easier, smoother and happier!

Why we love Auto n Cab: Auto n Cab is a low-cost alternative to Uber with all those benefits. No more waiting for a rickshaw. Step out in comfort with one ready for you!


Globally Spotted by: James O’Donnell