Ama Balm: Skin-Soothening Balm for Adventure Seekers
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Ama Balm: Skin-Soothening Balm for Adventure Seekers

Founded 2015, Startup, Health & Wellbeing, Retail

Ama Balm: Skin-Soothening Balm for Adventure Seekers

 Founder & CEO: Jo Higgins

GS_LocationLogo_darkgreyNew Zealand

A 100% New Zealand-made natural balms for those who live life outside. As a country full of people who spend their free time outside adventuring and discovering New Zealand’s endless playground – Kiwis who are always salty, wind blown, sun kissed or cold immediately get this!

But after the adventure settles down and the adrenaline is gone, your skin hurts! Being forever exposed to the elements makes your skin feel and look weathered. There was nothing on the market that met Jo’s needs so Ama balm was born while seeking a solution for a face balm that provides protection and repairs your skin. As keen kite surfers, surfers, paddle boarders, slack liners, snowboarders and yogis, (anything outside pretty much) Ama Balm has been tested in all extreme conditions that NZ throws at you and can be used to protect and recover from any outdoor adventure to restore your skin and healthy glow.

Ama Balm is loaded with natural ingredients like organic coconut oil and beeswax, is simple and 100% NZ Made and comes in Everyday, Bug Balm, Saltseekers and Snowseekers versions! 

Why we love Ama Balm: Ama has created a community of adventure seekers like Alpine skier, Piera Hudson and professional surfer Paige Hareb who vouch for Ama while staying true to their calling!


Globally Spotted by: Priti Ambani